Number of PML diseases under Tysabri (December 2017)

As of December 07. 2017, there have been 756 (753 MS, 3 CD) confirmed PML cases worldwide.
As of November 30, 2017, the overall PML incidence is 4.19 per 1000 patients (95% CI 3.89 to 4.49 per 1000 patients).
Based on follow-up data for at least 6 months after PML diagnosis, 76.5% patients were alive with varying levels of disability.
As of November 30, 2017, approximately 177,800 patients received natalizumab in post-marketing setting worldwide.

After the re-approval of Tysabri® (Natalizumab), there were the expected/feared PML disorders. I have generated a table with the main available data from June 2008 to june 2016.

I would be grateful for additional information via comment or e-mail. Tysabri®, Avonex®, Rebif® & Copaxone® are trademarks.

Alexander Otto
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